How COVID-19 affecting business hours of fragrantiz

SHAMSITHA M0 CommentsMarch 26, 2020

Millions of people in the world really crazy to protect them from Noval Corona virus, COVID-19. The main problem of this virus is lack of proper medicine; we don’t develop…

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9 amazing health benefits of kesar / saffron

9 Amazing health benefits of Kesar / Saffron

SHAMSITHA M0 CommentsMarch 6, 2020

Saffron is one of the most expensive crops in the market today. It produced from rare or selected countries only like Iran, Greece, Morocco, Spain, Kashmir and Italy. Saffron, the…

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Burn Charcoal in modern flats and apartments

How to burn charcoal easily for the use of bakhoor or agarwood

SHAMSITHA M0 CommentsJuly 29, 2019

how to use charcoal in modern flasts or Appartments? Many of our customer always worried and not ready to buy or use charcoal burner because they are thinking its very difficult…

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maryam body lotion

Maryam body lotion uses and benefits

SHAMSITHA M7 CommentsJuly 10, 2019

Maryam Body lotion 40ml(Dubai), for smooth silky skin with non alcoholic ingredients with real oud notes. It repairs the skin, reduce the darkness and improve glowing. Its a non sticky…

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top 5 best selling halal cosmetics fragrantiz

Top 5 Best Selling Halal Cosmetics in Fragrantiz

SHAMSITHA M0 CommentsFebruary 10, 2019

Thanks to all my customers. When I launch the category of halal cosmetics i don’t know it will become this much popular. Every day i am getting good sales in…

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