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  • Burn Charcoal in modern flats and apartments

    How to burn charcoal easily for the use of bakhoor or agarwood

    how to use charcoal in modern flasts or Appartments? Many of our customer always worried and not ready to buy or use charcoal burner because they are thinking its very difficult to use in modern villas/ flats/ apartments without a traditional fireplace. Many customers confused does it create huge smoke? Ofcourse not – if you
  • maryam body lotion

    Maryam body lotion uses and benefits

    Maryam Body lotion 40ml(Dubai), for smooth silky skin with non alcoholic ingredients with real oud notes. It repairs the skin, reduce the darkness and improve glowing. Its a non sticky lotion suitable for all skin types. You can apply directly on your skin and can use in all day. Imported from UAE Ingredients Cool Flavor
  • top 5 best selling halal cosmetics fragrantiz

    Top 5 Best Selling Halal Cosmetics in Fragrantiz

    Thanks to all my customers. When I launch the category of halal cosmetics i don’t know it will become this much popular. Every day i am getting good sales in this category. 30% of my new customers are from the reference of existing customers. That really glad to me, my valuable customers they helping to
  • collection of 100% orginal loose attar online

    100% Original LOOSE ATTARS  Makes an impression without words

    We are providing you 23 different verities of attars. All of them are unique in their fragrance and properties and will give you long lasting freshness. All are available in 8ml roll on bottles, all these items 100% user friendly and devoid of alcohol content. We ship the item within 24 hours via Trackable Expedited

    Benefits of Karpur (Camphor)

    Camphor is a natural product, derived from Cinnamomum camphora. It is used as antiseptic and analgesic. Burning Karpur is one of the great organic medicine to prevent mosquito from home. Most of the anti-mosquito medicines available in the market containing harmful chemicals, when we inhale that it damage whole body functioning. But Camphor is safe
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