Benefits of Karpur (Camphor)

Camphor is a natural product, derived from Cinnamomum camphora. It is used as antiseptic and analgesic.

Burning Karpur is one of the great organic medicine to prevent mosquito from home. Most of the anti-mosquito medicines available in the market containing harmful chemicals, when we inhale that it damage whole body functioning. But Camphor is safe and very best medicines to us.BENEFITS OF KARPUR (CAMPHOR)
Camphor useful in many ways we can keep it in dress cupboard to remove fungal smell of dress. Also used to remove moth larvae.
People using camphor as like pain balm and used in bath water to avoid skin itching and fungal infection.
Inhaling  Camphor / Karpur is good and good to incense in new born’s room. Nowadays many of them living in flats they don’t know how to use charcoal burner. But charcoal burner and Charcoals available online now. By following our grand parents methods we can recover our good health back.
Camphor is the main ingredient in vicks vaporub. Karpur actually good to use as external medicine. Camphor not much safer to use internal or medicine swallowed or to inject. Also it is not good to use on the broken or injured skin.
With Electric incense burner its very easy to burn Camphor or Agarwood chips or biscuits in home / office / cab. No need to get tensed to burn charcoal, with electric burner its quick and easy way to burn Camphor/ Karpur or Oud products.

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