Burn Charcoal in modern flats and apartments

How to burn charcoal easily for the use of bakhoor or agarwood

how to use charcoal in modern flasts or Appartments?

Many of our customer always worried and not ready to buy or use charcoal burner because they are thinking its very difficult to use in modern villas/ flats/ apartments without a traditional fireplace. Many customers confused does it create huge smoke? Ofcourse not – if you watch the below video you can see the process of using bakhoor with charcoal. Fragrantiz selling Hamil Al Musk Charcoal(5Pieces), its doesn’t create any disturbing smokes.

But in fact its very easy to burn charcoal. If you dont have lighter then dont worry, we can burn it through our gas stove too. Please watch below video for more details –

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