The Miracle of Surma for Eyes

The Miracle of Surma for Eyes

surma for eyes by fragrantiz

The miracle of surma for eyes cannot be explain in single word. Surma is a popular eye care product that has been used from ancient time for enhancing the beauty of the eyes; make them look more beautiful and attractive than before. Kohl and the Kajal are the few other names given to the Surma. Surma is prepared from the Kohl Stone also known as Sang-e-Surma. In earlier days, it was rubbed against the rough surface to get fine powder which was then applied to the inner eyelid. But now the Surma is available in another form which is easier and comfortable to apply.

Why do people love to use Surma?

Surma contains a number of natural ingredients like rose water, herbs, etc. and hence doesn’t harm your eyes in any way. Surma is also used for the treatment of many eye diseases like allergic conjunctivitis, Secondary Glaucoma, Cataract. There is no such procedure or timing to apply Surma but it is advisable that washing your face before applying Surma enhances its efficiency and during the night before bed, it helps in relieving the tiredness of eyes, hence help in good sleep. Applying regularly, the Surma can provide you with the following benefits like:

• Beautify your eyes
• Keep your eyes cool
• Protect your eyes from the pollution and the dust particles.
• Improves your vision
• Strengthen your eyes
• Provide relief to eyes from tiredness caused by prolonged working hours on computer or staring mobile, TV, laptop etc. for quite a long session

Which one to buy?

Surma has become a must have a cosmetic product of ladies purse. You can carry it along with you and use it anywhere you need. So now if you desire to make your eyes more beautiful, sparkling and clean, start using them now. At Fragrantiz, we have a range of Surma products from which you can choose the best that suits you. All our products are “Halal” certified.

We have Khojati Mumtaz Herbal Surma by Khojati is the Pure Indian Kajal made from natural herbs and pure oil which will revitalize your skin, giving it a more youthful glow. It also has Almond Oil in it which will nourish the growth of thick and lustrous lashes naturally. Sunnat Black Surma by An-nuR, is also 100% natural Surma which is perfect for wet eyes, burning, redness, itching, treats many eye diseases and enhances the beauty of eyes.

On, along with Surma, we have vast cosmetic product range from which you can choose whatever you desire. We are the leading online cosmetic products and high-quality perfume seller.

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