Top 7 Arabian Oudh Price In India That Make Everyone Love It.

Top 7 Arabian Oudh Price In India That Make Everyone Love It.

Wearing a fragrance is quite almost about smelling smart and apparent respectable.

Choosing best perfumes with affordable from many collections also very confusing to all. Its not therefore difficult to search out Arabian oudh merchandise or Arabian perfumes or cosmetics here in Asian country especially in India currently. several on-line sites like Fragrantiz, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay etc commerce such merchandise with engaging rate with bundles of collections.

Best list of Top 7 Arabian Oud and its rates:-

1.     Lailat Elomer 20ml By Al Rehab India – Rs.1800/-

Lailat Elomer has a beautiful fragrance composed of oud mubakhar (agarwood raisin) and rose, and stored in a very elegant and attractive 20ml glass bottle for women. Latest addition from Al Rehab.

2.    Rasasi Attar al Oudh 20ml – Rs.880/-

Attar Al Oudh Red 20ml by Rasasi is a Oriental Floral fragrance with pure Oudh notes for women and men. Top notes are floral notes and woody notes;Middle note is saffron;Base notes are agarwood (oud), vanilla and musk.

3.     Royal Oud 100 ml Spray Perfumes by Aroma – Rs 400/-

High Quality Oudh Spray from Aroma for both Men and Women with such lowest rate. Really Great attractive feel and moments it gives.

4.     Afnan Dehn Al Oudh Abiyad (White oudh) 50 ml Spray – 1100/-

It has a Woody Floral Musk fragrance with fragrance features herbal notes, woody notes and musk. Best perfume for both men and women.

al-rehab perfumes india online

5.     Ajmal Mizyaan 16ml Perfume – Rs.1850/-

Mizyaan 16ml Oil has a floral spicy notes with saffron, musk, woody and amber notes. It is all time best perfume for men and women from Ajmal perfumes.

6.     Mukhallat Aloudh 20ml Perfume Oil By Rasasi – Rs.920/-

Mukhallat Aloudh 20ml Perfume Oil By Rasasi with Mystical Arab Traditional notes. A real fusion of Aroma and agarwood for unisex.

7.    Arooq Al Oud 15ml By Al Rehab – Rs.1800/-

Arooq Al Oud is a latest arrival and Oriental fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features agarwood (oud), rose, amber and sandalwood.

Customer always need long lasting attas, but using the same attar in many times will create a normal feel from the the attar used. Using unique fragrances will refresh the mind and body always.


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