Most recommending perfumes for humid days

SHAMSITHA M Comments 0 April 11, 2016

The climates of India not like same in all geographic parts of the country. Based on the climates, the use and lasting of perfumes also little different. Some regions will be in humid days, some regions will be in hot weather, some in normal climate. Here what I can advice is – can suggest you some best perfumes for some seasons.

Thaj al oud for humid tropical regions

The real thick and dark oud oil by Nisma perfumes is easy to use because it is roll on and suitable for pocket. Some special features are alcohol free oil and real oil. Its wooden box packing will keep the oil safe from light and heat. If you don’t like spray items this is the best choice for your geographical region.

Windy 8ml spray by al rehab for all seasons

8ml and 100 spray available in fragrantiz store. Its woody notes and spicy notes create a unique and exotic fragrance. 8ml windly is easy to carry like a pen, can hold in pocket and purse also. Many perfumes lovers using it like their signature perfumes and we are getting the same feedback also from customers. Is suitable for all seasons, will gives us refreshing feeling for long hours.

Eternal Love X’Louis Eau De Perfume For Men

Fragrance features a blend of amber, muguet and an undertone of musk and most recommending fragrance as romantic wear. Indian perfume industry closely related with weather and its smell, it’s a special phenomenon if your perfume doesn’t last long. Just try Eternal Love X’Louis Eau De Perfume for Men and celebrate smell both natural and synthetic like a scent noted perfumes online.

Solid 100ml by sapil perfumes

Fragrance with exotic blend of fresh Citrus and spices notes yet cool. Citrus create a fresh feel always and it gives you fresh moments all over the day. Solid comes from best perfume manufacturers and placed it with top online perfume seller for hassle-free shopping experience.

Rasasi Attar Al Oudh Red 20ml

Attar is natural perfume oil, getting from bio material herbs like flowers and wood like agarwood, sandalwood etc. The process of making attar is long time consuming, tahts why its fragrance also lasting long and quality also fine. Its natural, will not contain any synthetic ingredients. Rasasi Attar Al Oudh Red 20ml is really best available attar online, with lowest rate we arrange one the best quality and long lasting item in our online store.


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