How to maximize the smell of your perfumes

SHAMSITHA M Comments 0 April 1, 2016

Wearing perfumes always interesting thing, most of the people will have their own likes and unlikes in choosing perfumes. But the problem always with lasting some brands will agree the lasting time but customers will always commenting as it doest last like the way manufactures or shop owner said. ????

Here we i can provide you some tips to last your perfumes –

  1. If you want to get long lasting your perfume, just apply one your pulse point or wear on wrist.
  2. You can keep the smell for long time if you wear inside elbows also behind the knees.
  3. Moisture your skin before applying perfume.
  4. Apply sprays just below ears, back side of neck and apply on cleavages.
  5. If you wearing attars you can apply near ears and behind years for long lasting.

Try it and share your experience with me….


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