Cool Water Men 8ml – Imported Concentrated Attar Oil

Imported Arab Perfumes Cool Water Men from French collections, loose Natural concentrated quality attar filled in 8ml bottles. Attar available in 3ml rollon and 10ml fancy spray bottels.
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French Attars

5 reviews for Cool Water Men 8ml – Imported Concentrated Attar Oil

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    Aniket (verified owner)

    Nice review by pranab. Attar is good though. I agree the watery aquatic vibe is there. Will try more of em.

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    pranab.iitb09 (verified owner)

    If one thinks its smells like Davidoff cool water, then he/she will be dissapointed. It has its own fragrance. Watery, Aquatic vibes. Overall a nice attar. Moreover this site sells 100% original products. I added ~30 ml of Ethyl alcohol (ethanol 99.95 %pure) to this 8ml attar bottle and using it as a spray perfume. For me it smells better than the roll on, although the longevity is not that great.

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    Varda Joshi (verified owner)

    Smells really nice but doesn’t last long for more than 3-4hours.

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    Deepak Namdev

    It super love it and definitely will purchase again!

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    Devendra Upadhya

    Nice One.

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