how to apply attar and keep perfumes after use?

SHAMSITHA M Comments 0 September 23, 2016

Applying on skin will last long; some parts of body will hold the smell for long time. Where the skin is particularly warm and where there is great blood dissemination. This is on the grounds that warmth diffuses and amplify the smell of scent. The “puls point” on the body (see underneath) are the ideal activators for scent. Since scent rises, it ought to be connected to a few heartbeat focuses – not simply, for occasion, at the base of the throat. Consider the little of your back and your navel. On the off chance that you want to have your aroma trail you, apply it at the scruff of your neck – just on the hairline – the warmth and development will diffuse the scent.

keep-perfumes-after-useThe key to dependable aroma is ‘scent layering’. Develop layers of aroma on the skin by utilizing distinctive types of the same scent – perfumed creams, shower oil or gel, bakhoor, cleaning powder. Each strengthens the effect of the other to fourfold the life of your most loved fragrance. Layering or “aroma dressing” as it’s occasionally called, is likewise a cunning approach to wear a scent that is excessively overwhelming for daytime use.

Keep your aromas in a cool, dry place far from direct daylight and warmth sources, (for example, radiators). Amazing warmth or frosty will agitate the fragile equalization of the oils and change their fragrance. Once a container of fragrance is opened, use it. A splash lets in less air and vanishes slower than a jug with a top yet even the finest pith blurs with time. The best place for opened scent is in a shut drawer or closet.


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