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High Quality Attars That Similar to International Branded Perfumes

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International brands are always popular and they always popular with their own brand name, but the chemicals and toxic ingredients creating allergy to many people. 95% perfumes using synthetic compound form petroleum products. Organic and natural perfumes very rare companies producing.
So many customers compelling to skip using top branded perfumes, because of allergy or any other health issue.
But traditional attars and oud are always 100% synthetic free or they preparing in “Free from Alcohol” or “Halal Certified”. Now a days the demand of non-synthetic attar increased comparing to past years, people searching and buying this kind of products online also. Many online shopping site in India selling these kind products to customers directly.

Fragrantiz have good collection of attar that free from alcohol but its exact same fragrance of top branded perfumes:-

Cool Water Men 8ml – Imported Concentrated Attar Oil

Cool Water Men, Loose Naturally concentrated Imported Arab Perfumes from French collections

Dunhill Red 8ml Attar Perfume

Dunhill 8ml attar is a clone of Dunhill red perfume with the notes of apple, orange blossoms, fresh, sweet bergamot and sparkling lemon.

Chastity for Men 8ml – Imported Concentrated Attar Oil

Chastity 8ml imported loose attar oil with long lasting French notes

Eternal 8ml Roll on Attar

Eternal 8ml is very light refreshing smell concentrated attar from French Attar and Similar to original eternal perfume

Fogg Blue 8ml Concentrated Attar Oil

Fogg Blue 8ml is attar with Ocean Fragrant notes from French Attar.

Z Talc Attar 8ml

Z Magnetism 8ml attar with refreshing and lasting fragrance, and very close Z Magnetism Deo or Talc for men.

Cobra 8ml Concentrated Perfume Oil

Cobra 8ml attar is a real clone of young, sexy and naughty Cobra perfume attar with a smoky, honey smell.

Mixed Fruit 8ml Concentrated Attar Oil

Mixed Fruit is an Indian concentrated loose attar oil with top note Strawberry by Fragrance search.

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