5 Reasons you should fall in love with Long Lasting Deodorants

SHAMSITHA M Comment 1 October 28, 2016
  • Everybody likes someone with good fragrance always. A good fragrance not only gives smell but, it enhances the self confidence of the user while we interacting with others.
  • Your personality is defined by who you are, what you do, how you talk and most importantly by how good you smell. We don’t realize it but we are instantly attracted to people who smell fresh and pleasant. If you are also wondering how to impress you crush or make an impression in that job interview, here’s the secret…… Deodorants!
  • Deodorant generally contains alcohol and other anti-microbial ingredients, which helps to reduce the unpleasant odor of body by controlling the growth of the bacteria.
  • This also features a scented perfume to mask the smell. Keep in mind that, a deodorant won’t reduce the amount that you sweat. There are certain deodorants that claim to be alcohol free and are ideal for use in comparison to synthetic ones, as they have very less chances of causing irritation and allergies. Also they are gentle on the skin and don’t cause dryness.
  • Inspired from attar oils, these deodorants marks a symbol of high quality and lasting with a fragrance that lingers on your body for 5-6 hours. And brings an impressive fragrance with fresh look for full day.


  1. Choose a Suitable Spray Deodorant.
  2. Ensure your skin is clean before using the deodorant.
  3. Shake the can for about 10 seconds.
  4. Hold the can a few inches away from your armpit.
  5. Coat your underarm with a layer of spray for 4-5 sec.
  6. Replace the lid. Keep the spray deodorant safe in cool dry place.

The list of some best deodorant brands are Al Rehab, Remy Marquis, Sapil, Rasasi etc…


It provides a variety of deodorant come body sprays with lasting best and rich fragrance for men and women. Silver, Aseel and Zidan are some of its best…


Royale, Romance, Chastity are some top preferable deodorant for men and women. It enjoys a collection of long lasting fragrances that will make you stand out Intense, Sensual and fresh always.


Sapil has good and varied collection of best fragrance deodorants for men and women with your favorite seasons. Sapil’s Solid is a very strong and romantic floral fragrance for men. For women Sapil’s Merci, Promise and virtual are selected ones, with their light and sweet smell.


Remy Marquis’s Shalis deodorant spray for men is strong, lasting and romantic are stunning and women with their light and sweet fragrance are lovely.

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