Saukhyam Sampler Pack of 5 Reusable Menstrual Pads

Saukhyam Sampler Pack of 5 Reusable Menstrual Pads


Saukhyam is one of the best reusable & Eco-freindly sanitary pad brands. Saukhyam pads help you feel nurtured and empowered during your monthly periods. 100% natural, only banana fibre and cloth used in Saukhyam pads.

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Super choice of heavy flow pads and reusable day/night pad in one pack

An assorted pack of best reusable sanitary pads for normal day/night use and pads for heavy flow. This pack constitutes 2 rectangular type 3 fold pad and 2 fold pads for heavy flow, one base pad and one insert for normal use, and one-night pad.

  1. Saukhyam Day Pad Base – 1
  2. Saukhyam Day Pad Insert – 1
  3. Saukhyam Night Pad – 1
  4. Saukhyam 3 fold pad for heavy flow – 1
  5. Saukhyam 2 fold pad for heavy flow – 1

The day pad base piece has two straps on either ends. The insert can be slipped through these straps when extra protection is needed. All day pad bases and night pads have a leak-proof layer.

Women find the square and rectangular comfy pads fairly attractive in contrast to the pad shaped line.

The comfy pads dry faster compared to rest of the pad shaped line.

Admittedly, some women find these cloth menstrual pads, especially the 3-fold ones, to be a little thick. Others however, and especially those with a heavier menstrual flow, share that it is only with these pads that they feel totally secure.

The 2-fold pad can be used on the days with lighter flow.

Caring for your heavy flow reusable night pads

Saukhyam heavy flow pads are easy to wash and dry.

  • Soak soiled heavy flow pads in tap water (do not use hot water as that will set the stains) for about 5 minutes. Squeeze soaked pads gently.
  • If hand washing the heavy flow pads, apply some washing soap, and rub gently. Do not use a brush. Rinse with tap water.
  • Sun dry your heavy flow pads by hanging them on a clothesline.
  • If drying indoors, then take care that the pad is not hung in a dark or poorly ventilated space.
  • These reusable menstrual pads for periods are machine washable.
  • These reusable pads can be dried in a dryer with a low heat setting.

Please note that the colors shown in the product picture are only representative. The color of the product shipped to you might vary depending on what we have in stock. This set of night pads will last approximately 1-2 years if given proper care.




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